UEFA Super Cup Tickets

Stadiums: where will the UEFA super cup 2020  be played?

Puskás Aréna is the stadium that hosted the UEFA for this year. It is a football stadium located in Budapest, Hungary. It is known as an all-seater stadium with a seating capacity of 67,215 including VIP. The Hungarian Football Federation meets all UEFA and FIFA stadium requirements, and a s aresult was awarded a 4-stars rank. The Puskas Arena is located to the east of central Budapest and is only around 10 minutes walking away from Budepest Keleti central railway station. Also, the stadium is easily reached with metro line 2. Also, note that the Puskás Arena is located in an area that combines many other sports facilities, offices, residential buildings, and some retail shops.

Tickets: UEFA super cup 2020 Ticket information

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Past winners: Who are UEFA super cup 2020 pst winners?

AC Milan and Barcelona are regarded as the top winners of the UEFA super cup where they have lifted the trophy for 5 times each. Then comes Liverpool with four wins as well as Real Madrid. Atlético Madrid has achieved so far three winning titles. Ajax two wins and so Anderlecht, Bayern, Juventus and Valencia. If we want to sort the most wins by country, we will get the following: Spain fifteen times, Italy nine trophies, England eight, Belgium three, Germany two and finally Netherlands also two. The players that have achieved best scores are Dani Alves (Sevilla/Barcelona) and Paolo Maldini (AC Milan).

So more specifically in 2011 FC Barcelona won the title. Then in 2013 Atletico Madrid lifted up the trophy. In 2013, Bayern Munich were the winners. Then in 2014, Real Madrid. In 2915, FC Barcelona again won the competition. Real Madrid achieved a consecutive win in 2016 and 2017. In 2017, it was Atletico Madrid who won the game. Then in 2019 Liverpool achieved a good win and the past year Bayern Munich won the UEFA super cup 2020.